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Specializing in Head & Neck Trauma; ICBC MVA Whiplash Injury Claims, Neck Pain, Headaches, & Concussion



What makes NUCCA upper cervical spinal care unique compared to other care? Watch our video below.





The Nucca Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and
treatment of head and neck injuries; MVA whiplash, headaches, neck pain and concussion. Call to discuss how we may help you from any MVA Injury or Head & Neck Trauma.



What do some Medical Doctors say about Upper Cervical NUCCA Technique  ? 

"If you have sustained a concussion or whiplash injury then a misalignmnet has occured. Your recovery from headaches, neck pain, back pain and hypertension are all likely to benefit from NUCCA .  NUCCA has helped my Migraine headaches and minmized MS symptoms. I suggest NUCCA to most of my Migraine,Traumatic Brain Injury & Multiple Sclerosis patients."     

Dr. Bill Code in his Book solving the Brain Puzzle: (Pg 387)

What does the Inventor of the MRI say about Upper Cervical Specific Care ? Motor vehicle Whiplash victims with persisting symptoms (headache and neck pain ) should be carefully examined and decompressed with cervical realignment if they are not returning to normal.  

Raymond  Damadian -MRI Inventor in the text Craniocervical Syndrome and MRI (pg 89) 


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Nucca & Auto Injury


Nucca is a precise, gentle and scientifically  proven method of diagnosing and treating headaches  and neck pain from auto accident injuries. 


Common Symptoms


Learn more about the symptoms after a car crash. The Nucca procedure can help you make a full recovery.



Whiplash Relief


Suffering from neck pain after a car crash? Nucca offers scientific biomechanical spinal correction,  effective for relief of whiplash.