Specializing in Headaches, Neck Pain, MVA Whiplash Injuries In Vancouver BC

What makes NUCCA upper cervical spinal care unique compared to other care?   Watch our video ...



To begin we offer a consultation so that you can experience the office and make sure the people and process are a comfortable match to your needs. This gives the doctor a chance to hear a bit about your situation,  and discuss the potential of NUCCA treatment. The examination  determines  if you have an upper cervical misalignment.  Any other health problems, injuries, motor vehicle accidents, surgeries, along with other treatment programs which include diagnostic tests are also evaluated and assessed. After this initial process, the doctor will begin the steps necessary in determining if your spinal column is significantly misaligned or out of balance.  By using precise and objective imaging of the head and neck, mathematical measurement and analysis are made of the misalignment.   The NUCCA procedure brings clinical research and experience to correcting the problem of the Atlas Subluxation Complex.