Why Choose The Vancouver Nucca Clinic ? 


One of Only three Nucca Board Certified clinics  in Canada. (Vancouver,  Kelowna , Calgary ) 

One of two Upper Cervical Diplomates in BC.  ( Vancouver, Kelowna) 

Only Certified Whiplash Nucca doctor in Canada from the Spine Research Institute. 

Only Board Certified Nucca Clinic in Canada utilizing digital x ray imaging. 

Only clinic in Vancouver utilizing the Nucca Anatometer 2 + postural assessment. 

Tytron Cervical themographs on every visit.  

We utilze the Myovision digital scanner to physically assess your neuro muscul-skeletal condition and provide reports.  

 $250,000.oo worth of Equipment    

We utilize dual digital range of motion inclinometry certified by the Americal Medical Assoction  and provide you with inital and progress reports.  

Tarained by the World Masters in Nucca and Whiplash. (Berti,  Dickholtz, Croft)   

25 years of Sucessfull  patient managenment ICBC Injury Claims  with the top legal firms including Slater Vecchio, Murphy Batista, Harper Grey,  Cowley & Co. Mussio Goodman , Matthew Fahey. 

Over 2000 hrs  in post graduate cervical spine whiplash trauma biomechanics.    

RESULTS  Certified 80 % Correction in  70 % of New Clients.  

1992 - Doctor of Chiropractic  Palmer West  '92  San Jose, California 
1995-Whiplash & Spinal Trauma Certification; Spine Research Insitiute of San Diego  
1999- Low Speed Rear Impact Auto Crash Reconstruction (SRISD) 
2000- Collision Reconstruction; Texas A & M University 
2003- Traffic Accident Investigation;  Northwestern Unversity
2013 -Nucca Board Certification 
2015 - Nucca Credentialed Instructor  
2019 - DCCJP - Diplomate in Craniocervical Junction Procedures     
Member International Chiropractors Association Council on Upper Cervical Care 





















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