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Don't settle your ICBC Claim without speaking to me first.  If you think you have tried everything and still in pain then its time to ask  a different set of Questions.    I  have been in the ICBC trenches for over 26 years. I have seen and heard it all. No matter who you are and how bad it is.  Get the expert help you need and deserve when dealing with your whiplash injury. 

 First things first as Stephan Covey says. The proper Diagnosis.    If you don't know what the problem is then you cant  fix it. And even if you do know what the problem is then what you have done so far , is not fixing it.  After the proper Diagnosis then the proper Solution !

Listen, what do people like Jimmy Pattison and Tony Robbins have in common ? They both see Nucca doctors !   Why Nucca ? Time to find out what the problem is ?

Let me Introduce myself: 

My name is 

Dr. Michael J. Foran, DCCJP 




aka "The Neck Doctor. " 



I am the owner of the Vancouver Nucca Clinicand  have been treating Whiplash & Car Crash Injuries since 1994. 

I am Certified in Whiplash, spinal trauma and mild traunmatic brain injuries. 

I am one of three  Board Certified Credentialed Instructors in the Nucca procedure to treat the cervical spine in Canada.  

I have a 3 year post graduate Diplomate in the Cranio cervical junction procedures. 

I will examine,  image,  diagnose,  and treat  your neck  injury.

I  promise to add value to your diagnosis and treatment of your MVA Injury. 

Call me Now for a Free phone Consultation.   1-888-8 NECK DR 



10 Reasons  for choosing Vancouver Nucca Clinic ( OUR UNIQUE FACTORS )

1. Registered member of Nucca since 1990

2. One of Three Nucca Board Certified Doctors  in Canada  (2013)  

3. DCCJP  ICA Diplomate in Craniocervical Junction Procedures  (2019)

4. Credentialed Nucca Instructor 2015 

5. Utilize the Nucca Anatometer ® to assess  postural balance and alignment Pre & Post 

6. Computerized Digital high frequency low dose Imaging X-Ray equipment performed on first     correction Pre and Post 

7. Tytron Neck Scans on every visit  to monitor progress Pre and post 

8. Personalized  Report of findings. and  Progress examination Reports. 

9. Certifcates in Crash testing,  Traffic Accident Investigation, Accident reconstruction and  Concussion.   

10. Advanced Certifications in Whiplash and MTBI from The Spine Research Institute of San Diego for 25 years.  

So if you have any questions or just want to talk to me about your specific situation please call me . I will answer all your questions and concerns  the same day. 604 266 1461 

You can also book a phone consultation on line.